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I made this adorable dress for Lily from Lil Blue Boo’s Paper Doll Dress Pattern.  As soon as she posted the pattern I just knew I HAD TO HAVE IT! It is  fall in Colorado and warmer dresses are a must. The girl can only wear so much corduroy so it is great to have something a little different. The dress looks great with tights and a long sleeved onesie, but would look just as cute with bare legs and a short sleeved shirt.

The dress was super easy to make and I can’t say enough good things about this pattern. It was simple to follow with excellent color pictures and descriptive instructions. There are a lot of ideas to customize the dress too, which is great. I chose to do the baggy pockets and extended the shoulder straps so they would hang down a little longer in the front. Everything about this dress screams “Lily”!!

Isn’t it cute how the straps cross in the back?


Lily wore this dress on Sunday when we still had company in and out of the house for her birthday. Everyone was shocked that I had made this dress because it looks so professional. Remember, I’ve only been sewing for a couple months, so if I can pull off a dress that looks this good I’m pretty sure anybody can!!! I will be using this pattern again and again.

 Now I’m looking for a cute, long sleeved dress pattern for an infant. Lily is wearing 6-12 month clothes still and it seems most of the patterns for long sleeved dresses are for toddlers. Yes, I could modify a bigger pattern for her, but I’d rather not! I found this adorable fabric on Etsy and really want to make a cute, long sleeved cotton dress. Any ideas???





The seasons are changing in Colorado and Lily was needing a new fall sleepsack. I found this great tutorial over at Jan Andrea’s Baby Crafts and gave it a shot. Wow, what an easy little project! Using an existing sleepsack as a template it was really simple to put together. It was my first time doing a separating zipper but Jan’s directions are so basic yet descriptive that I didn’t have any problems. Not only did I easily (and really quickly) make two new sleepsacks, but using remnant Viking fleece for one and clearance sweatshirt fleece for the other I made two sleepsacks for under $10 rather than the $40 I would have spent in the store!

sleepsackslily loves the vikingssleepsacks2

After the successful completion of Lily’s hooded towel I decided to attempt another weekend project. Rebeka on Artsy Craft Babe has this awesome tutorial on making an adorable purse so I gave it a go! It was quick, easy, and I only had to use the seam ripper twice! I used Robert Kaufman’s “On a Whim” owl fabric and it looks darling! This bag is lightweight, not at all bulky, and just a perfect casual purse. The pattern was so easy to follow I plan to make another one, maybe just slightly bigger, out of some sturdy black fabric for more dressy occasions.


Lily begins swimming lessons today, so last night I decided to whip up a fancy new hooded towel to take to the pool. A huge thanks to Char at Crap I’ve Made. Her site is amazing and her tutorials are great and soooo easy to follow, even for a beginner like me.

The towel was very easy and looks great. I finished the whole thing, including cutting, in just over an hour. Lily will be the most stylish baby at swimming lessons today!!!

I need to give another shout out to my new love…my Janome! She did a great job and didn’t flinch at sewing through the area where the terry cloth and cotton seams met up. I expected a little blurp, but she cruised right though. I couldn’t be happier with my machine!


I’ve been looking at patterns and trying to get some ideas for simple clothes I can make for Lily as a beginner project. I bought some adorable Amy Butler and Robert Kaufman fabric for a few outfits I want to make her, but I’m just not there yet. For now I need very basic, easy to sew projects (with cheap fabric) so I can get a little more practice. 

Reading a pattern is a flippin nightmare! Why can’t store bought patterns read like online tutorials?? I just don’t understand why the companies have to try to make things so confusing! I can get all the pieces cut out and then I’m usually lost by the time I get to the 2nd or 3rd step!

Check out this outfit. Maybe if I practice enough in about 20 years I would be able to make something so cute! I absolutely love it!

I read several blogs (see below) full of patterns and ideas for seriously cool projects. These blogs are written by some really amazing women! These ladies can take ordinary items and create something beautiful – and I’m always jealous. When I want something unique and handmade I search it out on I have never considered making anything myself. Why? Because I don’t know how to turn on a sewing machine. I’m not crafty. I know how to knit (and quite well thank you) but many of the projects which interest me require sewing, not knitting, skills.

Since Lily was born I have come across so many great patterns for children’s clothes which appear to be quite simple, but I just don’t have the basic sewing skills to even try! More than anything I want to sew this owl appliqué  on to a onesie for Lily (which sounds really extra simple to do), but I really and truly can’t sew! I can make the applique by hand but when it comes to attaching it to the onesie I am clueless!

Sew (sorry, couldn’t help it), I have decided that I need to learn. I have found a woman in my neighborhood who teaches sewing classes and I signed up. Starting tomorrow night, I will be one step closer to that onesie and I couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some of my favorite crafty sites!