Irie Momma

About Me

So what is irie? In Jamaica when everything is good, cool, relaxed, and stress free, the locals say everything is “Irie, mon”.  This blog will not contain any complaining, whining, or negative attitudes.

To start, here is a little bit about me. I’m Pam, 30 years old, wife to Chris and mommy to Lily. I live in Colorado (transplant from South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia) and love it here enough to plan to stay long term. I have a mess of pets: beagle Rory, English setter Shelby, cairn terrier Hoss, and cats Arlo and Black Kitty. I work full time in health care value analysis and do some occasional mystery shopping jobs on the side. I’m currently in the Lamaze Childbirth Educator program and hope to be certified as a childbirth educator in spring 2010. I try to eat healthy, work out regularly, limit my alcohol as much as my sanity can handle, and live a relatively healthy lifestyle. My family camps, hikes, and travels as much as possible.

So hello to everyone. Drop me a line and say hi if you find yourself in my little part of the web. Drop me a line anytime at


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