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Hoodie – McCall #M5991

Posted on: October 21, 2009

Lily October 20, 2009 015

I finally finished the hoodie I have been working on in my sewing class and it fits Chris perfectly! I used McCall #M5991 and did the jacket in view F. This turned out better than I could have expected. It was super basic with very easy to follow instructions.

This was a fun pattern because it has a hood, separating zipper, pockets, and small pockets on the sleeves. Real pockets and a hood were new to me but the instructions were so good I didn’t have any problems. This is definitely a pattern any beginner could complete with good results. The jacket sews together in so few pieces that it works up really fast and fleece is so forgiving that even if my stitches weren’t completely straight it isn’t noticeable. I will definitely be using this pattern again to make a hoodie for myself!

Horray, I finally completed something wearable for an adult!!!!!! And doesn’t Chris look excited?? ha ha ha!!!


3 Responses to "Hoodie – McCall #M5991"

it looks like chris just took 231 shots of red eye before taking this picture.

Oh I know! It is hilarious!

Great job on the hoodie. Keep sewing.

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