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Sweet Birthday Girl

Posted on: October 11, 2009


 happy birthday car

Lily’s birthday and party were great. She had a wonderful time on her birthday at the Butterfly Pavilion. The little girl who babbles non-stop was speechless at the sight of so many butterflies! Today she had a blast at her party. She opened her presents, entertained her guests, and ate cake for the first time! I had a first too, I made Lily’s cake and have never decorated a cake before. It wasn’t perfect but it looked pretty good and I am really proud of it!

cakes (1)I bought a #1 cake pan from Hobby Lobby a Wilton cake decorator set. Both contained instructions on decorating a cake and a delicious butter cream frosting recipe. Considering I had never used bags and tips for frosting I was impressed how basic and easy to follow the Wilton directions were. The cake looked exactly how I had hoped and I had so much fun, I am considering taking a Wilton decorating class in the future!


Happy Birthday baby girl. I can’t believe you are already one year old. I am so proud to be your mommy.

happy birthday family


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