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Ready for the Big Birthday!

Posted on: October 5, 2009

Lily turns one on Friday. I still can’t belive my little bug is already one year old. This weekend I sewed up a few outfits in celebration of her birthday!  She doesn’t like modeling her clothes so daddy helped hold her still! Everything I made this weekend is  from Simplicity #3582. I bought this pattern on sale at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents and it has so many variations and has really simple, descriptive instructions.


I got the idea for this outfit from a post on Lil Blue Boo’s site. These pants are what caused me so much ruffle drama earlier in the week. Once I sat down with a clear, well rested head the ruffles were a piece of cake! The owl appliques are cut from some Robert Kaufman “On a Whim” fabric and the shirt is a plain white t-shirt from Dharma Trading Company. I did the same applique on the pants and shirt, but added a circle of corduroy on the shirt so it would be larger. It turned out great! This is definitely my favorite outfit I have made Lily.


This outfit is my husband’s favorite. This is an adorable little vest and pants I made from some seersucker and lined the vest with laundered cotton. The vest pattern was super easy and looks just adorable. I think Lily looks like a little beatnik in it 🙂

  strawberry heart2strawberry heart

These pants fit Lily perfectly right now but I cut out ruffles to add some length as she grows a little taller. The shirt applique is traced from a heart cookie cutter.

Finally, I made this long sleeved, jersey shirt. I LOVE this shirt. long sleevesI’m a big fan of layering and this honestly looks like something I would wear myself! I have a bunch of old punk rock t-shirts from when I was a kid and I plan to use this pattern to re-use the old shirts. I think I would just melt if I saw my little bug in an Operation Ivy t-shirt!





I am hoping to finish a little pair of overalls before her birthday, but with company arriving this week I will be pretty busy.  BUT…I do have another project I’ve been working on in my sewing class which I am hoping to finish this week! It is the first time I’ve made anything wearable for an adult (other than my apron) so I’m pretty excited to show it off!


7 Responses to "Ready for the Big Birthday!"

So cute! I really like all of them so I can’t chose a fav.

I can’t wait to see what you’ve made in class. I’m so scared to make adult size, 10 year old size was terrifying! lol 🙂

Well, it’s not for me- it’s for my husband. I was recently told I that once I start sewing clothes for myself it means that I trust my abilities. I’m not there yet. ha!

Oh! What a fantastic way of looking at it. I’m not there yet either lol What are you making for your husband? Also, how goes the birthday planning? How are you feeling? I know first birthdays are hard on mommies sometimes.

The birthday planning is a little stressful! I’ve decided I want to make Lily’s cake and I’ve never decorated a cake before. My dad is going to help me and he’s a retired grocery store manager who would sometimes wander to the bakery and decorate cakes when he was bored. So when I say help I actually mean he’s going to do all of the decorating. 🙂
I’m making my husband a fleece, hooded, zip-up jacket. It is dark green with a black hood and center panel. So far it’s looking good!

Good luck! With the cake and the jacket. My husband wants a hoodie, it’s on my to do list but honestly, how scary, I don’t even know where to start. Which is silly because I made a practice one in E’s size and it was fine.

As to the cake, have you thought about making a cupcake cake? I see that a lot lately.

And if it will make you feel better, when Z was 2 I made him a Bob the tomato (from Veggie Tales) cake which came out horrendously. The BEST part about the cake was it only took 30 mins of fierce scrubbing to get all the red food dye off of him. That’s the best part. At least I can laugh about it now. Do share your cake and party stuff, I love that stuff.

Don’t forget to enjoy the day too.

Great that “Grandpa” is going to help with the cake! You will have to take pictures. I’m sure he will enjoy being involved with that project. Btw…love the picture of Lily wearing the owl outfit and behind held back by her daddy. It looks like she is raring to go and just can’t wait to get loose 🙂

You know how Lily is…she can’t stand to be held back from anything. The second Chris let her go she took off running!

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