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Sleepy Sewing = Mistakes!

Posted on: October 1, 2009

Last night I quickly whipped up a cute little pair of camel colored corduroy pants for Lily. I had planned to sew an Owl Applique on the bottom of one leg using a cut-out owl from leftover Robert Kaufman “On A Whim” fabric I used making this purse. The little pants turned out great and I prepared the applique, ironed it onto the pants, and got ready to zig zag the applique in place. As I was looking at the pants (I really wish I had taken a picture) I decided they really looked like boy pants so I needed to add a ruffle to “girl” them up a little bit. My sewing teacher had showed me how to use dental floss for a ruffle so I decided to give it a try. First attempt, I sewed the dental floss on the wrong side. Oops, enter seam ripper. Second attempt, I sewed the dental floss on and forgot to secure one end so when I pulled it to gather, the dental floss slipped right off. Oops, again, enter seam ripper. Third attempt, I did the exact same thing again! I was frustrated at this point and decided to just baste two rows of stitches and do the ruffle the way I have in the past. I finished one, sewed it onto the pants, turned the leg right-side-out, and realized I sewed it on backward! Ahhhh, again, the seam ripper, which was actually dulling by this point. I realized I was too tired to do ruffles and they could wait until Thursday night, but thought I would quickly sew the applique onto the pants before bed. I started to sew and then….realized I should have put the applique on before I sewed the pants together because I couldn’t move the fabric through. Even with the free arm the pants were too narrow to slip through and maneuver around the applique. Of course I realized this half way through. I tried to sneak stitches around it but it ended up just looking messy. So I started to rip out again and realized I was too tired to think clearly and just went to bed! So tonight I get to finish ripping out the messy looking applique stitches and hand sew the applique instead (ick!) and then give the ruffle one more try! Any suggestions (or a link to a tutorial) for an easy way to do a ruffle would be greatly appreciated!!!


3 Responses to "Sleepy Sewing = Mistakes!"

I know I have a problem with late night sewing too! I don’t have a tutorial, but have you tried clear elastic? I’ve been experimenting with it a bit and SO FAR I like the ruffles it’s made. Hopefully I’ll be done today and we’ll see if I still like them.

Ooh I haven’t tried clear elastic, but it’s a great idea! I’m hoping to try the dental floss again this evening while I still have a clear head and see if I can make it work. The pants are going to be adorable if I ever finish!

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