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Birthday Presents

Posted on: September 30, 2009

My best friend’s youngest little guy is turning one this weekend. Unfortunately I live across the country and can’t be at his birthday party, but I made a cute little hooded towel and a pair of Chicago Bears PJ pants for him. It pains me that they are Chicago Bears fans, but I can overlook it since they’re such cool people otherwise 🙂 Please ignore the crappy picture. I forgot to take one at home so I had to use my phone at work to snap a quick shot before I sent them off in the mail!

sawyers gifts

The pants are from Simplicity 5316. They were super easy and look adorable. Now I’m just hoping they fit!

On the subject of birthday presents, my little Bug turns one in just 9 days! I am busy sewing up a mess of clothes as birthday presents for her so I’ll post pictures as I finish things. Tonight I’m planning to sew up a pair of cute little corduroy pants with an owl applique on the leg. I’m totally copying the idea from Lil Blue Boo’s recent post on an adorable fall outfit she made her daughter (minus the ruffle on the bottom). She comes up with the cutest ideas!


3 Responses to "Birthday Presents"

Ah, cute! And happy birthday to your little one in case I miss the big day. Are you thinking, “A year ago I was so ready for you to be born!” yet? lol I do that a lot.

I suggest a birthday superhero cape! I made one for E’s 2nd birthday because she wouldn’t keep a crown or hat on.

That is a fantastic idea!!!!!!! Lily would absolutely love a cape!

I doubt you need it, but I made a little tutorial if you do

E absolutely loved hers, she wore it all day. But now she won’t wear it at all lol. I can’t wait to see all the lovelies you are making for your little one.

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