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New Little Shirt

Posted on: September 19, 2009

lily bug

I finished Lily’s little shirt today! It isn’t perfect, but it’s wearable! I made it from Simplicity #3765. Although the shirt is actually pretty cute I don’t think I will do this one again. I had my share of ups and downs with this, but it’s the first time I’ve actually completed a store bought pattern, so I’m pretty darn excited!!!! Here are some important lessons I learned:

1 – When sewing t-shirt material I need to switch needles on my machine! Had I realized that early on in the process it could have saved me some drama.

2 – When making a modification (I wanted a button with a buttonhole rather than a loop & button) make sure your idea makes sense first. The shirt actually has two buttonholes because I didn’t think it through the first time.

3 – Sergers are awesome and I really wish I had one! I used my teacher’s serger at her house last week on Lily’s PJ pants and I would have loved to have had one for this shirt. So if anybody is reading this and looking for a Christmas idea for me…a gift certificate to a sewing store is a great idea!!

4 – Little mistakes don’t really matter because Lily bug loves her shirt, even though it isn’t perfect.

back of shirtnew shirt 2


3 Responses to "New Little Shirt"

That is so adorable, I love love how it ties in the back!

I love it because it looks like something I would wear!

[…] I guess I’m on a hoodie kick at the moment! This weekend I made a hoodie for Lily from Lil Blue Boo’s new hoodie pattern. This is a great pattern!!!! It is super easy to follow and has contains some great tips for sewing knits. I wish I had read her hints about using spray starch before I sewed this. […]

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