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Crocodile Creek Bib

Posted on: August 13, 2009

lady bug bib

Now that Lily is eating more solid foods, and also refusing help with her sippy cup of water, she has been making quite a mess of her clothes during snack and meal times. We’ve been using little cloth bibs which become soaked with food and water and don’t cover nearly enough of her clothes. They worked great for drooling, but for meal time…not so much.

Yesterday I was sorting through Lily’s dresser when I came across a bib by Crocodile Creek, which had been buried and forgotten. Lily wore the bib for snacks and dinner last night and it worked great! The bib has much better coverage than the cloth bibs we have been using, without being bulky or getting in her way. Lily loves to pull her bibs off mid-meal, but the Velcro is strong enough on the Crocodile Creek bib that she couldn’t get it off. That alone will save us from several outfit changes each week! After she was finished I popped the tray off her high chair and was thrilled to see that the peaches and cheerios, which would have normally been sitting in her lap, had collected in the pocket of the bib. Cue my “ah ha” moment! Apparently that pocket isn’t just for decoration! The bib easily wiped clean and was immediately ready for her next meal, rather than going into the laundry basket like her cloth bibs.

The Crocodile Creek bib is a great buy. Although each bib runs around $9, we don’t need more than one or two since they don’t need to go into the wash between meal times. I’m sold!


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