Irie Momma

I had a week break from sewing due to our trip to South Dakota for Thanksgiving. Now I’m back in town but have been so busy I haven’t been able to start anything! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to work on Lily’s little skirt and shirt I would like her to wear for Christmas and to get started on a pair of pants for my Grandma.

Even though it’s a month away, I’ve started to think about my New Years resolution. I always make one and rarely stick with it, mostly because typically resolve to do a task I hate! So this year I am going to set a resolution that will be pleasurable and should be quite easy to keep. I’m going to read at least one book each month. I love to read but never seem to find the time. So maybe I should say I’m really resolving to make time for myself…


Gosh, I have had such a busy week I didn’t even post my fun projects! Here is a glimpse of my past week…

Butterick 4105 – I’m crazy about this bag. I’m planning to make another one for Lily.


I’m still CRAZY about the Sienna Dress Pattern from Lil Blue Boo! I seriously can’t get enough of this pattern! With this version I used freezer paper stencils to add little skulls to the sleeves. Seriously easy and seriously cute.dressstencil







Finally I made another purse from the Phoebe bag pattern. I don’t actually love this one. It didn’t turn out quite how I had hoped. This is a seriously easy pattern but from the moment I started this I wasn’t having fun with it. So I guess next time I’ll try a new purse pattern. Perhaps this Buttercup bag pattern??? It’s adorable!


I’m a little intimidated by my next project, but I’m going to get everything cut out tonight and hopefully start tomorrow. I’m attempting the 2+2 skirt and shirt pattern from Oliver + S. I’m hoping to have enough time to work on it this week so Lily can wear it for her Thanksgiving outfit. For some reason I’m super intimidated by this pattern…so wish me luck!

Sunday night was a rough one at our house.  Lily was up several times and at 3AM decided she was up for the day! My sweet husband got up with her and let me sleep. Thanks again, honey! So yesterday Chris sent me a text saying all he wanted for Christmas was for Lily to sleep through the night. Well, last night his wish was granted. Lily Bug FINALLY slept through an entire night! Hopefully this will be a new trend.

On another subject, Grosgrain is featuring an awesome pattern giveaway from The Handmade Dress! I’ve been drooling over a few of these patterns on You Can Make This for quite a while. So go over and enter!!


My little bug had a great Halloween!!! Her ladybug costume turned out adorable and she didn’t even mind wearing it! It was very easy for my first attempt at a Halloween costume.

Lily’s “shell” was made from felt and was basically just a pillow with a few strips of velcro sewed on the back. I made a simple fleece vest with velcro on the back so the shell could be removed for the car, etc. Here is where I found the idea for the shell. I then made a simple little skirt out of a piece of elastic and some tulle. The antenna were Christmas foam balls painted black and attached (by daddy) with hot glue to pipe cleaners and a little foam visor.

This costume was simple and cute but still comfortable for Lily to wear.


I’m having way too much fun with Lil Blue Boo patterns! I made another little hoodie for Lily this weekend out of pink camo knit and some leftover green knit I had from another project. The hoodies are just too cute!

Since I have had such great success with the Lil Blue Boo patterns I decided to give the Sienna Dress pattern a try. This pattern shows you how to turn old t-shirts into adorable little dresses! The directions are so easy to follow and the dresses turn out just great. There are so many great time saving tips too – like using existing hems and re-using the ribbed knit collar from existing t-shirts. I can tell you Lily’s wardrobe is about to become overrun with these.



Grosgrain has a giveaway for a STUNNING dress! Seriously, this dress is gorgeous and I want to win it!

Click here to enter!!




I guess I’m on a hoodie kick at the moment! This weekend I made a hoodie for Lily from Lil Blue Boo’s new hoodie pattern. This is a great pattern!!!! It is super easy to follow and has contains some great tips for sewing knits. I wish I had read her hints about using spray starch before I sewed this.

I used a few of my old T-shirts and quickly made this adorable little hoodie for Lily. I already have plans to make another one this week and add a skirt on the bottom! This is such a cute way to make unique clothes for little ones while recycling old t-shirts.

silly girl

Lily isn’t interested in having her picture taken so unfortunately you can’t see just how cute this hoodie really is. But it is adorable and will definitely become an often used pattern in our house!